My experience at Ambialet was truly unforgettable and re-energizing. The instruction, performances, the scenery, the people, and the FOOD was absolutely amazing. I gained so much insight with my studies and hope that I can revisit in the future.

Molly Roseman, Professor of Piano, University of Wisconsin

Thank you for an amazing experience in France. It is something that I will never forget.

Jack Westwell, Edinburgh University music student

What an extraordinary week we spent with you! It wasn't just the music. It was such a beautiful place, the food was perfect, and we met so many interesting people. But it was even more than that: there was such a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and friendship. It was a truly unique experience. Well actually I hope it doesn't turn out to have been a unique experience as both I and Andrew would love to come back next summer.

Annette Andrews, retired amateur pianist, Dublin

The last two courses were simply amazing ... the teachers, the atmosphere, the people, the place and of course the music make it something special. Seriously, thanks a lot for gifting me with an opportunity to live something like that.

Daniel Fernandez (19-year-old piano student at ESMUC, Barcelona)

Thank you so much for a fabulous, inspiring and utterly delicious week!  I really feel that I have come away ready to perform in front of an audience, which is what I set out to do.

Ginevra House (PhD student at York University, England)


Travel & Maps

Before organising your travel, please take note of the arrival and departure times/days given below.

The most convenient airport for Albignac is Toulouse, and participants are invited to take advantage of the group-taxi scheme we offer direct from the airport (with an additional pickup point at the main rail station in Toulouse). The journey by road from central Toulouse to Albignac takes about 90 minutes. The cost depends on the number of people sharing taxis, but usually works out at around 30 Euros per head. This arrangement may require waiting a short time at the airport in order to assemble a group from different flights.

Those wishing to use the group-taxi service should ensure that their flight times fit within the taxi window. There are usually three pickups: early afternoon, mid afternoon and late afternoon, so you are advised to choose a flight that arrives before 17.30. Those flying long haul might consider flying in a day early, finding a local hotel and taking the earliest pickup next day. The group taxi also picks up from central Toulouse, so there is no need to return to the airport.

A note on return flights: ideally, choose a return flight of 11.00 or later on the final day of the course. An earlier flight leaves you at risk of not finding sharers for your taxi, which would considerably raise the fare.

Those travelling from outside Europe will need to fly to Toulouse via London, Paris or Frankfurt. There is also a high-speed rail link from Paris to Toulouse which takes five hours.

For those who choose to drive, there is ample parking at Albignac.

Arrival and Departure

Participants are asked to arrive between 4 and 6 in the afternoon on the first day during which time tea and refreshments will be served. The evening meal will be at 8.00. Classes begin the next day.

Each course ends after breakfast on the last day. Please make departure arrangements for that morning.

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The Venue - Albignac

La Bastide d’Albignac, set within 40 glorious hectares of private woods and pasture in the Tarn department of Southwest France, offers a range of accommodation and a large swimming pool. Early booking is advised!